Whats Up Zoo Freaks?

So you finally made it to my blog, it’s all for this whacky class called ds106


I Object!

So I did this thing for some guy named @mbransons who had his class do photos of shadows.

The rail outside reminded me of all those court scenes in A Few Good Men. I always wanted to jump up and scream I OBJECT!

And then I decided to mess around with YouTube. Check this out. Last summer I did an interview with my neighbor Jim who has this cool old slug bug named “Bob”. He allowed me to record it and I really made it sing with iMovie.

The rest of the stuff I have to do this week is:

  • sleep
  • eat
  • do ds106

All that other stuff like calculus, physics, and that whacky Hardboiled seminar with weird-butt Jim Groom can wait. I really want to be #4life

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